Awards & Scholarships

Upcoming Scholarship due dates:  Scholarship icon

January                                                                                                        Due

BC Foster Parents- M. Graydon Bursary on going awards available at:

David C. Lam-BC TEAL ESL                                                                       Jan 31st

Simon Fraser University Entrance                                                                  Jan 31st   

Canadian Women in Munic. Gov                                                                   Jan 31st


February                                                                                 Due

Schulich Leader Scholarship                                                                           Feb 1st                       

Kinsmen Club                                                                                                 Feb 1st

Terry Fox Humanitarian Award                                                                     Feb 1st            

BC School Superintendents’ Assoc.               Feb 9th

U. of Victoria – Entrance                                                                               Feb 1st

Valley First Credit Union (various dates)                                                       Feb 15th

Stacey Levitt Memorial Award  contact Jacqueline Nadeau at:  or 647-776-5100.                       

Janice Lee Blue Wave Bursary                                                                       Feb 15th

CMOLIK Foundation                           

Simon Fraser University                                                                                 Feb 15th

BC Excellence Scholarship                                                                             Feb 15th

U. Vic Black Press, Bach Bus                                                                        Feb 28th

FCM                                                                                                                Feb 28th

RBC Aboriginal Award                                                                                  Feb 28th

RBC ( non-members)                                                                                      Feb 28th

BCCPAC Educational Award                                                                       Feb 28th



March                                                                                     Due

Canadian Association of Principals Student Leadership                                Mar 1st    

Miller Thompson Foundation                                                                         Mar 1st

TRU Entrance Awards                                                                                   Mar 1st

BC School Trustees (BCSTA)                                                                        Mar 2nd

REMAX  Quest for Excellence                                                                      Mar 11th

Trevor Linden Community Spirit                                                                   Mar 15th

Retail Council of Canada                                                                               Mar 31st

Kwantlen Polytechnic

Council of Forest Industries                                                                           Mar 31st

Insurance Brokers Assoc. BC (IBABC)                                                         Mar 31st

Ministry of Education (teacher)                                                                      Mar 31st

BC Excellence Scholarship                                                                             Mar 31st