Awards & Scholarships

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April                                                                                       Due

Retail Council of Canada                                                                               Apr 1st

Executive MBA Aboriginal Business and Leadership                                   April 1st

BCIT  Scholarship                                                                                          April 1st

Certified General Accountants (CGA)                                                           April 1st

I-CBA (Indo-Cdn.Bus.Assoc.)                                                                      April 11th

Harris and Company LLP Law 12                                                                 Apr 13th

Home Ec. Teachers                                                                                         April 15th

Kamloops Blazers Scholarship Award                                                           April 15th

Sacred Heart Catholic Women’s League Scholarship                                                April 15th

Public Guardian/Trustee                                                                                 April 15th

Maple Leaf Youth Awards                                                                             April 15th

Wally Denault Memorial                                                                                 April 15th

FN Education Council                                                                                    April 15th

EFMABC Bursaries                                                                                        April 27th

BCGEU Scholarship                                                                                       April 28th

BC Arts Council                                                                                             April 30th

CST Scholarship                                                                                             April 30th

SABAR Scholarship                                                                                       Apr 30th

School District 73 Awards                                                                             April 27th – Sept 1st