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Bells will Ring Tuesday!!

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Bells will Ring Tuesday!!
by Sydney Griffith - Monday, 16 October 2017, 5:27 PM

We have an exciting new music group at KSA!
With the support and expertise of the Kamloops “Harmony in Hand” Bell Choir KSA Grade 5-7 students have the opportunity to learn hand bells. This Bell ensemble will be directed by Guest Director Ms. Karen Mc Lelland. Ms. Griffith will supervise as the school sponsor and bell coach.

The students attended a short bell concert in our gym 2 weeks ago and as a result, there is high demand to belong to this group!However, we need to be careful that the Grade 5 - 7 students who are chosen to participate understand that it requires commitment to rehearsals and a couple of performance dates already this term.

An application has been emailed to all Grade 5-7 students. Fill it out and send it back Tuesday morning. We have a our first practice Tuesday (tomorrow) at 1:45pm!
Thank you,
S. Griffith, Principal KSA

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