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Junior Arts students are working on fractured images!

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Junior Arts students are working on fractured images!
by Sydney Griffith - Friday, 19 January 2018, 4:43 PM

 What?! Yes, it's true.Students are working on many different learning activities for "Seven @ 7" . Our annual Open House and Spot Light Night will feature artwork, activity stations, presentations of learning, film screenings and performances too!

Did you know this style of art is part of Cubism?
Cubism was the most revolutionary and influential movement of the twentieth century.

After Renaissance artists perfected the device of perspective, a painting was thought of as a window into the world.But cubist painters understood that canvases themselves were painted objects. They also rejected the idea that an object rendered with traditional perspective was any more “real” than an abstraction of that object on the flat surface.

Cubist paintings were based on things in the visible world. Yet they often showed objects fractured, or broken, as if seen from more than one point of view at once, or built up of flattened forms, as in cubist collages.

A big thank you to the Denver Art Museum for this insight into Fracture!!