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Bell Choir Open House Rings Out the Season with Joy!

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Bell Choir Open House Rings Out the Season with Joy!
by Sydney Griffith - Wednesday, 16 May 2018, 9:57 AM

While the students spent many hours practising and mastering a pleasing selection of music. Last night, the bell choir and their families enjoyed a relaxed open house & pizza dinner!
The best way to be engaged in any activity is to share it with others and this was definitely a KSA sharing night! Last night, the students taught their parents, their grandparents and their brothers and sisters how to "Ring"! It was very entertaining;)
The choir performed 3 beautiful pieces following the family performance of their debut piece. It was followed by a yummy pizza dinner & social.
The KSA Bell Choir is a practical application of concepts students learn at school along with the advanced enrichment experience of the bell choir. This is practised in an new ensemble setting, where students can really connect concepts and apply their learning! Well done KSA S.T.A.R.s!
Of course, the biggest congratulations and warm messages of appreciation go out to Karen and our friends from "Harmony in Hand" the "Bells of Note" Choirs, who volunteer to mentor and teach our students every week!! You are the very best music friends a group of young musicians could have!