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Halloween Costumes @ KSA Oct. 31

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Halloween Costumes @ KSA Oct. 31
by Sydney Griffith - Tuesday, 30 October 2018, 5:08 PM

Please review carefully!

Students are welcome to come to school in costume - HOWEVER they must follow these costume points;
1) no blood depicted (save for the evening adventures)
2) no costume weapons (including swords, knives, fire arms of any sort)
3) no masks partial or full face (save for your evening fun)
4) no clowns
5) no hoods or hoodies that prevent a staff member identifying the student immediately

Costumes must adhere to the Dress Code as outlined in our hand book KSA;
Clothing with logos and sayings that promote the use of products that are illegal, racially offensive, contain sexual innuendos or profanity, or promote any form of harassment or violence are not permitted.
Logos, images or materials representing Liquor or any other controlled substance are prohibited at school.
Clothing cannot be a distraction to others within the learning environment. Revealing or see-through clothing is not accepted.
Three Body Areas have been specifically identified as areas to be covered;
a) Torso covered - therefore navel is covered
b) Gluteal fold should not show, therefore Gluteus Maximus is covered
c) Chest area covered and secured for movement in class and group situations"

The final determination on the suitability of a costume will rest with the principal or principal designate.