Superintendent’s Update

Posted On Wednesday June 29, 2022

Dear Parents and Caregivers:

You made it! The end of June brings with it memories of challenges and celebrations experienced throughout this year.

Pinantan Elementary School

Principal Chris Wood began our tour in the library, where students designed spaces for quiet time (bench and nature wallpaper). Primary students were sharing their boats that they had tested for strength, capacity, and ability to float. For recess, students shared their community garden and their goal before they left for the summer was to make salad for their year-end celebration.

Intermediate students played a timed math game that tested their fluency with math facts and capacity to solve addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems quickly and accurately. “We are preparing for our afternoon of activity and fun, and the students will meet the incoming principal. They are very excited!” shared Mr. Wood.

Clearwater Secondary School

Principal Darren Coates, Trustee Shelley Sim, and I walked through the school to see the redesigned spaces, including the workout area, which has been expanded and opened up to accommodate a class. “This space is well used by staff, students, and the community,” stated Mr. Coates.

We ventured into the world of metal works, woodworking, and digital creations. We first met a grade 10 student, Sam, who shared her coffee table made from horseshoes. A grade 10 student, Owen, had reframed a trailer by making it bigger and installing new axles. In the digital lab, Thomas, a grade 11 student, who also plays the bass guitar, piano, and banjo amongst other instruments, shared his love of designing engines using the 3D design software Onshape. Mr. Dayton Fraser, the woodshop teacher and Trades and Transitions Coordinator, shared some special woodworking projects (salmon for daycare, memory boxes).

Tyson, a grade 9 student, ended our tour by showing us his fishing net that he intends to use in Alberta to fish for pike this summer. “We enjoy a wide range of Applied, Design, Skills, and Technologies (ADST) options, and we have passionate staff and students who achieve incredible results,” shared Mr. Coates.

Congratulations Graduates of 2022

Thank you to everyone who took part in creating the pictures and contributing wishes to every SD73 graduating class of 2022. We are so proud of you! We appreciate and celebrate each of our 1,100 unique graduates.

Congratulations on Finishing the 2022-2027 District Strategic Plan

After ten months of meeting with 2000+ participants (students, parents, staff, community partners), the Aboriginal Education Council, and the Board of Education, we completed the 2022-2027 District Strategic Plan. Thank you for making a plan that we can each connect to and walk together as our roadmap into a hopeful future. Read more

Summer Wishes

I am so fortunate to have joined SD73 a year ago. Parents have been partners who have been strong supporters in moving Truth and Reconciliation forward and in working together through the changes in safety measures throughout the pandemic.

Thank you for supporting your children to celebrate graduations, awards, and end-of- the-year celebrations.

I wish you a summer in which you experience good health and fun-filled, joyous days punctuated by moments of peace. Stay safe. Be well. Take good care of each other.

Rhonda Nixon, PhD


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