Aboriginal Education

Day of Sucwentwecw

The Ministry of Education provides enhanced funding to school districts and schools for students with Aboriginal ancestry. Enhanced funding provides programs to support the success of Aboriginal students.

Students who are identified on their enrolment as having Aboriginal ancestry have the opportunity to participate in programs and services that enhance academic achievement, Aboriginal culture and/or language. Parents do not need to have proof of Aboriginal ancestry to identify.

 What kind of enhanced support will my child receive?

Some supports include:

Academic achievement support

Aboriginal Education Worker (AEW) KSA is pleased to have Ms. Jackie Yamelst on staff in this important role. She can be reached through our school's main office @ 250-374-3200  OR by email jyamelst@sd73.bc.ca 

Access to culture and/or language opportunities

Family and counselling services -please contact the principal, Ms. Griffith sgriffith@sd73.bc.ca  or Jackie Yamelst to request these services or to find out more.

Parent and family involvement and advocacy

If you have any questions or or concerns about these programs or how they will be delivered, please contact Ms. Griffith. She will be happy to help you!

 How do I register my child? 
When you register your child at KSA, there is a section on the registration form that allows you to choose, status, non-status, Metis or Inuit. By selecting one of these, you have identified your child as having Aboriginal ancestry.
What does “Non-Status” mean on the registration form?
If your child has Aboriginal ancestry and does not have a status number, you can self-identify as someone with Aboriginal ancestry (NonStatus) and be eligible for Aboriginal programs and services provided by your district and school.
  I have already registered but would like to change my child’s Aboriginal status.
Please contact our main office @ 250-374-3200 and our secretary will assist you in making the change and upgrading your registration information.

KSA First Nation Education Worker: Wendy Leonard

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