Attendance Reporting

Reporting Student Absences

To report your child’s absence call this toll-free number 1-844-350-2647 or visit A Username and Password has been issued to all parents using the email address provided to the school to access the Safe Arrival program. Options for reporting absences include a phone call, an app or an online reporting tool.

Students Arriving Late

Elementary students who are not in their classrooms by 8:30 am are considered late and must report to the office to sign in for safety. It is important for students to understand the need to be punctual especially at a school that includes unique rotating schedules. Secondary students must be in class by 8:39 am. Lateness is noted on report cards and may also affect students’ effort marks.

KSA Student Dismissal and Pick-up Protocol             Primary Classes – (grades K-3) Safety

There is a joint responsibility by the school and parents and/or guardians (caregivers) to ensure all students are released and pickedup safely. The designated caregivers (as indicated in MyEdBC) are the only people who are part of the pick-up procedures after school.

Parents/Guardians are responsible for ensuring that the school knows who is picking up a student whenever it is not the regular pick-up person. This communication preferably happens in writing and is received by the school office and respective staff member well in advance. Students may not be released unless the school receives this prior pick-up information.

Parents/Guardians are also expected to ensure their child is aware of safety with adults that are unknown to them. Schools support this awareness and review this with all classes routinely.

Any adult who is not the designated pick-up caregiver needs to report to the office as a visitor. All staff will direct visitors to report to the main office.

Secondly, the office will check to see if the adult has consent by the Parents/Guardians to pick up a student. Then the adult can be directed to the designated pick up location. If there is a problem the school administration will ask for reconciliation directly from the parent or request that the visitor leave the building. Please refer to our KSA Parent and Student Handbook for further details. 

 Secondary Dismissal

Secondary students will be dismissed at the bell and are responsible for finding their way safely home.

If a student needs to leave early written note from a guardian must be provided.

All students are expected to sign out at the main office when leaving before the end of the instructional day.  

Please refer to our KSA Parent and Student Handbook for further details. 

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