Scholarships / Bursaries

2019/20 Provincial Scholarships Program

Applications are being accepted until February 28, 2020 for the BC Excellence and the Pathway to Teacher Education Scholarships.

 Updates to the Scholarship Requirements

 With no course-based Language Arts 12 Provincial Examinations for 2019/20 school year, the exam is no longer included as a scholarship requirement. For 2020/21 and beyond, the potential use of the Grade 12 Literacy Assessment in scholarship allocation is still under review.

 Other Scholarships

 District/Authority Scholarships continue to be available in 2019/20 for 5,500 B.C. students recognized by their school for excellence in their chosen area of interest or strength. Allocations and other administration information will be updated January 2020. Winners must be reported to the Ministry by June 30, 2020.

 The Ministry’s BC Achievement Scholarships will also be awarded to the top 8,000 graduates of 2019/20.


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