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Dear Parents/Guardians,

Parent Teachers Interviews are Tuesday October 12th. We are pleased to announce that once again KSA will be using an online scheduler for our Parent / Student/ Teacher interviews.

If families are able to meet via zoom, we encourage you to do so. Please contact your child(ren)s teacher in this case so we can email you a zoom link for the scheduled time. Just a reminder that if you are planning to attend a live PT Interviews in our school, we do require parents to wear a mask. Thank-you for your support and understanding.

Teachers that are holding all zoom PT Interviews will be sending out zoom links to families.To access the new online scheduler, please follow the instructions outlined below:

Step One: Connect to

Step Two: Select the teachers you wish to meet from the list. You may select multiple teachers. You may also select teachers for all your children at KSA at the same time. Please allow time to get from one interview slot to the next. Don’t book them back to back as this creates delays for everyone. There is one exception, if two or more of your children share the SAME teacher, then you must complete the scheduling for one child at a time. After selecting the list of teachers you wish to meet with, don’t forget to hit the submit button near the bottom of the page.

Step Three: You will be prompted to enter some information including your email address. An email address is required to continue to the next step and book the appointments. The email address will only be used to book appointments and send reminders. You will also be sent an email to verify your account and complete the sign-up process.

Step Four: In this final step, you will be asked to select the times you wish for an interview from a list of times that are available. Don’t forget to allow time to move between interviews. Please don’t book time slots back to back with different teachers as your interviews sometimes go past the scheduled times.

Voilà! You are done.

Sincerely, Mrs. J. Latta (Vice Principal of Kamloops School of the Arts)

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